We have an energy body that radiates over 100 watts at rest.  We are like a bright light bulb.  With bursts of energy, as in when we run to the finish line, we can have over 2,000 watt of output.  Think about that.

We are powerful.  Our power comes from the food we eat which is converted into bones, muscles and millions of cells that transfer the energy we create every minutes of every day, to every part of our body.  In addition, our movements produces kinetic energy, which is also converted into power (i.e. how we move the furniture).  We are currently researching ways to use our own energy to power our devices.  Soon, we may be able to power our own cell phones.  In the Netherlands, there is a dance club that harnesses the energy created by the dancers steps.  It powers the LED lights in the floor.  

We are a renewable power plant.  We generate an enormous amount of energy every day within and around our bodies.  So the next time you minimize your value, think about the miracle that you are.  Your body was built with incredible technologies and amazing abilities.  Think about that the next time you limit yourself.

With your mind, you can also increase your energy and power.  By understanding how your physical body works, you can better understand how your energy body works.  

Your chakras, or energy centers, are spinning disks that increase the energy of wellness, safety, power, happiness, love, communication, visualization and self-realization.  When they are open, and functioning properly (just like a well-functioning heart), we feel good and see our true potential.  When they are blocked, we don’t feel well and fail to see our true worth.

So know this, you are more than your body.  You are a magnificent energy-producing beam of light.  When you fully realized your abilities and potential, you will have all the energy and power you need to create your beautiful life.  When we collectively understand and embrace the light of our beings, we will have all power and energy we need to create a beautiful world.

Love, peace and happiness,

Helen Berg

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