From a distance . . .

One day I woke up and knew I had changed dramatically.  But the process took a while.  Sometimes, I didn’t even know that I was making little progresses. But, in the aggregate, change happened and I began to see the effects in my life, little by little, until one day, I started to fly.  I was becoming the person I imagined I could be.

The most important thing is to take one step, and then another.  As you do, the next step appears.  The universe is conspiring to allow for your success. Then you start to flap your wings and jump, and the next thing you know, you’re flying!  It all begins with your desire, which moves to courage and a willingness to move forward.

Start by writing down what you want:  positive feelings, positive actions, positive dreams, and things you are grateful for.  Listen for the guidance.  Each year we are given an opportunity to change.  To begin again.  Start by waking up with positive thoughts, finish the day being grateful for the good things that happened in the day.  Gratitude will put your mind into a place where dreams can come true.  Once in the dream state, you can do anything.  

Write down your dreams.  Write down what you want to dream about.  Meditate on that.  You mind will expand, and so will you, as you move forward in your life.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step…” Lao Tsu

Love, peace and happiness,

Helen Berg, 

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