Most of us are spending a lot more time at home.  Some of us are struggling with this.  For me, I love my home.  I work from home, so it was not such a big a challenge to stay home a bit more.  Of course, I couldn’t visit my family and friends.  I even stayed home on holidays, when I wanted more than ever to be with my family.

Not being with others, not connecting, was tough.  So I got busy and I started calling people.  Some people answered the phone, others did not.  I notice in this information society, that people connect on screen, and on social media, sometimes more easily than they connect by phone.  But that’s okay.  I connected with those that wanted a connection, and the rest of the time, I left cheerful messages.  I also connected with my plants, my flowers, my lovely home by puttering around it, cleaning and caring for it, and I especially, connected with the divine energy of the universe in meditation.

We are never alone.  Even though it feels like it sometimes, especially for those who live independently.  Yet we are all connected to the cosmic consciousness, by universal thought waves, even when we don’t know or understand this connection.  

Every thought we think is sending out a vibration.  What you think about most is the vibration you’re resonating.  Your thoughts resonate with other people and things that have the same vibration.  That is why you often bring into your life that which you think about.  So think about what it is that you want.  Envision it as being already present.  Imagine the taste and feel of your desires.  If it is rain, imagine rain falling on your head, and your feet in the wet grass.  If it is sunshine, imagine the warmth of the sun on your shoulders and your feet in the warm sand.  Manifest your desires in your mind, and pay attention to what comes your way.  You may be surprised.

In the center of our being, where we connect with the universal spirit of all,  is where our thoughts and words meet, fueled by our desires. Vision who you are.  Vision what you want. Vision your best life. Then infuse your thoughts with the strength of your devotion, and and bring love to it – all the love you have.  Your strong emotions, and your belief in your vision, will raise your vibration to the level of your desires.  Then watch for miracles.

Love, peace, health and joy,

Helen Berg

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