Love is….

Love is patient. Love is kind. It goes the extra mile. It is soft in tone and touch. It is a positive force in the universe that heals all wounds. Without it you are a clanging gong, a noisy cymbal. Returning to love makes everything feel better. It gives meaning and depth to all you do. When you have True Love, your life is more interesting and exciting. It is also more challenging, for we do not find the meaning in life alone–it takes connection with others–but the effort is worth it.

The quality of love you are able to give in any relationship is the quality of love you have within yourself. You cannot give that which you do not possess. That is why True Love must bloom at your heart center first.

You must truly love yourself: forgive yourself, nurture yourself, respect yourself. When you do this, and let go of past “sins,” and view yourself and others as positive, healthy, radiant light beings, then you will not only find True Love within yourself, you will find it in all of your relationships.

To find Love, you must know it. To have Love, you must be it.

My knowledge was acquired by years of experience and study, formal and informal; by interviews and readings of many masters, psychologists and spiritual counselors; by talking to other light beings who knew True Love and had success with love in life. In all of my relationships, True Love abounds and I have found peace in the knowing and sharing of it. I hope and pray for the same joy for you in your life, as I have known in mine.

Love, peace and happiness,

Helen Berg; http://www.helenberg.com