Excerpt from “What is Love” by Helen Berg, pp. 73-74, 84:

            “Sometimes I do an active appreciation meditation. From the moment I wake up, I think about how much I enjoyed sleeping; maybe I feel the softness of the comforter I’m laying under; I smile at the light coming through my window; and if it’s sunny I smile even more.  I think about how wonderful it is that water is showering me and that I have soft towels. And when I sip my tea, it is incredible, the taste!  And food! I’m even crazier about food.  We have such abundance:  God has given us such a bounty of fruits, vegetables, grains; and when I eat vegetables or meat, I bless the spirit of the plant or animal that died so I might eat it; and I take its spirit into me and make it alive again—because all things taken within us become alive in us.   

         “One time I was meditating in the lotus position with hands open on my knees.  I began sending the love energy that was within me out into the universe.  I did this for a few minutes, then focused inward again, and sat quietly.  Suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, I felt a rush of love energy come right back into my hands.  It startled me a bit, but then I realized that all around the world monks, priests, yogis, divine masters and ordinary people are sending out love energy to our world, to all sentient beings and to the universe!  

            “It was at that moment I realized I was not alone.  

            “We are never alone.  

            “We are all connected, whether you want to be or not.  

            “That is why, even when you’re not with someone, you still feel his or her energy. 

            “If you tune in, you can feel other beings.  

            “You can feel God.  

            “You can speak with God, or other divine beings; just like you can chat with your emotions.

            “Meditation is the beginning of understanding, deepening, and opening to all that you are and all that there is.  

            “It is the beginning of finding True Love, the infinite love of the Universe.  

            “You find it in the world because you find it in yourself.  

            “Because you release all negative blocks.

            “Begin. With Love. Here. Now.

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Love, health and happiness,

Helen Berg