#21: I am successful.

Success is measure in many ways.  One of the ways to measure a successful life is by measuring how much you love, and are loved.  Recognize your successes when they arise, and smile, knowing you have made a difference, if only in just one life.

#20: I am thankful for my life and my experiences.

As we go through life, situations arise that give life clarity to help us focus on what is really important.  While it is easy to be thankful for the good experiences, it is generally the challenging ones that give us wisdom.

#18: I stay calm and cool under stress.

Stress can give you a chance to show that you have great self-control.  When you stay calm and cool under stress, you make better decisions and respond instead of react.

#17: I take a positive approach to adversity.

A wise person once said:  “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” and “there is a silver lining to every cloud” if you just look for it.  In every conflict is the possibility of a successful resolution.

#16: I am healthy and strong, and getting healthier and stronger every day.

We are stronger than we think, stronger than we know, sometimes.  When we feel weak and unhealthy, just remember you are returning to your natural state of perfect health.  Whether it be in mind or body, you are getting healthier and stronger every day.

#15: I heal myself with the positive energy of the universe.

We can draw positive energy to us by thinking positive thoughts.  We can use that energy to heal ourselves.  Imagine drawing in white light “God” energy into the crown of your head and have it travel down to your hands.  Then place your hands whereever you are feeling pain.  Send energy there for as long as you can.  Heal thyself.