girl folded her hands in prayer at sunset

Please, please God let me be me.

Many of us were taught that we weren’t “deserving” of love unless we acted a certain way.  If I pleased my parents by doing the dishes, keeping my room clean, cleaning the house properly, getting good grades, etc., I got love and affection.  This set up a behavior pattern of trying to please people, and this behavior carried on into my relationships.

Have you ever thought that your life may have taken a different course if you weren’t so busy pleasing everyone?  I know I thought if I made everyone else happy, I’d be happy, too.  But we are only happy being our true authentic selves, and following our dreams.  Each of us has a unique gift to give the world and, if it is not expressed, you will feel like something is missing in your life.

I now surround myself with people who are supportive, and move away from people who aren’t.  I’m still willing to share other people’s activities and I always encourage my family, friends and significant other to pursue their dreams and desires.  I just fight the feeling of guilt that arises sometimes when I follow my own path.  I also surround myself, as much as possible, with people who support the things I love, and most importantly, who support my life’s work.

A healthy wholesome partner will have room for your dreams and desires, as well as their own, and support them.  Seek that.  I now also know that there is a force in the universe that always supported my dreams and desires when no one else did and this force is called my present sense energy, my omnipotent self, my true being at one with the universe, God, the enlightened one present in me.  When no one else cared, the divine mother/father that was in me cared for the eager tentative child with big dreams.

My divine mother and father are always there now, smiling, whenever I am true to myself.

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