I am humble by the sights and sounds of nature.

What is humility?  Humility is sharing the truth of who you are at your soul level.  We all live in our own universe colored by the perceptions we’ve developed over a lifetime.  But there is another universe:  the universe of the soul.  There, we are all equal, strong, vibrant and beautiful.  If you tap into that universe, you can’t help knowing this wonderful truth:  at the base of our soul, we are all light energy expanding infinitely.  So why do we put such a premium on playing small? 

Perhaps we don’t want people to see our confidence and strength for fear that we may seem arrogant or bold.  So we lower our eyes even when, inside each one of us, there is a wellspring of unique wisdom.  If you don’t share your unique wisdom with others in this lifetime, it will be forever lost.  Therefore, it is important to share your truth; you are the only one who can.

Humility is not being weak, but rather, to be without pride, pretense or over-assertiveness; patient, showing deferential respect.  It derives from the Latin word humilis, which mean low, base; from humus, meaning ground, soil, earth.  We are humble when we operate from the base of our souls; when we sink our roots into the soil of all that nourishes us; it’s what makes us human (Latin root meaning “earthing”), and gives us humor (Latin root meaning “liquid, fluid”); it’s what makes us humane:  imbued with kindness, mercy and compassion.  If being “humble” does not raise these feelings of humanness in you, then it is not humility; it is arrogance—staying quiet for the sake of politeness, yet lacking empathy, warmth or forgiveness.  It is arrogant, rather than humble, to pretend to be anything other than what you are because, by doing so, you are trying to fool others, and you are not being authentic to yourself.

Love brings out our humanity, and our humility.  When love becomes alive in us, we can then share it with others.  And that brings out our humility; it gets us back to the root of who we are.  We grow into our humanity and our humility as we grow in love, just like a tree grows roots that spread wide and deep into the soil.  And the more we are nurtured in love, the more we nurture others in lovingkindness.  The more we are nurtured in lovingkindness, the more we can live our truth.  The more with live our truth, the more we can share our true selves with others.  The more we share with others, the more we support branches and leaves that raise the consciousness of the whole world. 

I am humbled by the strength of love.  I patiently let it grow.  I respect its branches.  Love is the flower born from the essence of the seed nourished by its roots (our humility, humanity and humor), and the warmth of True Love that shine in our hearts.


Helen Berg

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