Excerpt, from “What Is Love” by Helen Berg, pp. 1-2:

            “Love has been defined by masters and sages. Endless stories have been inspired by love, both lamenting and chasing after it.  Every movie has love as part of its plot, and Love inspires endless songs and poems. But, what is this emotion that inspires so much passion, playfulness, fun, joy, longing, loyalty, and when we are separated from it, heartbreak and pain?  That is the burning question.

            “I like to say that Love is a force that cannot be measured by any technology we have today, but it is as pervasive and expansive as the universe itself.  Scientists say that there is a force beyond gravity that holds galaxies, in fact the entire universe, together.  They call it “dark energy.”  I suppose they call it this because it is the space between the atoms, and the unseen energy that holds light bodies together.  I like the name “love energy” better, though I doubt the scientific community will accept it.  As indefinable as “dark energy” is, “love energy” is the same.  I believe it is love energy that not only holds the universe together; it holds all meaningful relationships together.  Love energy is the essence of real love, “True Love,” that binds us to each other, to the world and to everything in it.  When you have love in your heart, and in your life, it feels good.

            “This book is about tapping into this positive, free-flowing energy and expanding it in our everyday lives.  We start with what we know, and what we were taught.  I believe that we knew what love was when we were born, because we came from pure love; we came from a source of True Love. Some call it heaven.  But then we were “taught” what love is by our parents, caregivers, books, television and movies.  Even thought it didn’t always feel good, we accepted what we were taught both consciously and subconsciously.  That knowledge is what we carried forward into our future relationships.  Sometimes the programming was right, but many times, it wasn’t.  Yet we strove on, looking for that which we could not define but which we knew in our hearts existed.  For me, there was a disconnect between the wildly romantic dramas that always led to happy endings, and the romantic relationships in my life.  I sought to figure out why.  I wanted my happy ending.  And so I began a journey of discovery that led to me writing this book. Did I find True Love?  Yes.  But the path wound around confusing me often, but also delighting and inspiring me. This is where I started.”

End of excerpt.

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