One day I made an intention to see butterflies.  It was an experiment from a book I read by Pam Grout, called “E3.”  The main focus was on the notion that what you focus on expands. For the next 48 hours, I saw butterflies, a lot of them, beyond what I expected.  Butterflies flew up to my window when I was sitting in the car and hovered over the driver’s side window.  Butterflies almost crashed into me when I was riding my bike.  Butterflies, I noticed, were everywhere.  I just needed to focus on them and see them.

So it is with everything. 

What if you thought every morning of the ten things you liked about your life.  What if you spent ten minutes every morning being grateful for the gifts you have in your life.  What if you spent 10 minutes every day telling a person in your life how grateful you are for them.  Do you think your life would change?

Even with great conflicts in our theater movies, do you notice that most of the movies have a pretty good resolution at the end for the heroes and heroines?  Be a hero to yourself.  Focus on your good.  Bet a hero to others.  Focus on their good.  Be a hero to the world.  Focus on the good in people, and what we’ve accomplished for humankind.  Give positive reinforcement.  What you focus on expands.  See butterflies.

Love, peace and happiness,

Helen Berg

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