Today I meditated. Some people do walking meditations, or sitting meditation, I do bathtub meditations. Water heals me. Also, it seems to soak away all energy that does not serve me. At the end, I imagine water pouring over my head, and as the bath water goes down the drain, I imagine that the sludge in my mind, and anywhere else in my body, goes down the drain too, and I am left clean and pure. It’s letting go of all energy that does not serve me, and it opens up a space for other energy to come in.

What came in for me today is a feeling that I am ensconced in white light, with angels all around me. I saw myself first as a butterfly, then as a white peace dove, then as an angel. I felt my wings, large and strong. Then beams of light connected me to all the angels that were around me. “Remember us?” They said. “Yes,” I said, “I remember.” I sat in their light.

I know that visualization during meditation can sounds surreal, but I never judge what comes to me. What happens when you connect to the divine is that, you connect to your divine wisdom, to the ancient wisdom that is in your cells and DNA. You connect to the wisdom of the beginning of man, to the beginning of time. I believe that we all have been around since the Big Bang–when it blew all of our spirits into existence–and we have been traveling around the universe, without a spaceship, ever since.

Whether real or not, whether an image I just create in my brain, or truth, it calms me. The knowledge that we are all connected to the universe, and to each other, brings me peace and releases from me earthly frustrations in a way that nothing else can. I sit in this peace for as long as I can, until I’m called back to the responsibilities of, and existence in, this earthly realm.

I hope, in these troubling times, that meditation can lead you to the same place; to a peace that transcends and transforms all fears, all suffering; to a peace beyond understanding.

Love, health, peace,

Helen Berg,