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“I am a Divine conduit for transforming the quality of people’s lives.” — Louise Hay

My whole life, I have been on a mission to explore, define and understand the meaning of the words, “True Love.” For me, it has always been about helping people heal their minds, bodies and spirits so that they can grow and bloom.

For most of my life, I broke down problems and counseled people emotionally when they lost their job or were physical injured. Together, we always arrived at solutions that took them positively forward into their future lives. Many times that meant accepting change and creating new visions.

If you are as passionate as I am about finding and maintaining true love, you have come to the right place.  I welcome you to share your stories of how you found true love, and how you maintain it.  True love raises the consciousness of the entire planet.  Together we will find the truth.  If I can lead you to a place of greater love, together we can change the world.

Love, Helen

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What Is Love? Free Excerpt



From “What Is Love? 

“True symbiotic Love is pure, free, and enduring. It is a joyful dance of reciprocity between the giver and receiver. Neither person is the center of the equation. Love is the equation. We don’t act out of love; we act in a state of love at all times. It does not wax and wane depending on external or internal conditions. It is unconditional, unchanging and permanent. Our deepest desires and fears can be heard by our significant other because trust is abundant and both are filled with deep respect.

“True Love, Agape Love, embraces the totality of our experience here on earth, every emotion. Even if we make mistakes, and we will, True Love is different than raw desire or needy passion, because our motive is pure. Love can never abandon us unless we lose it in ourselves. We love because that is who we are. We love unconditionally all living creatures, all human beings, because love is all we know, and all we can be. . . .

“True Love is the threshold to all higher energies: bliss, which is a bubbling up of spirit; compassion, which is empathy for another; peace, a prolonged state of joy; and enlightenment, which is the level of powerful divine inspiration—the peak of human consciousness. . . .

“As we study love, become masters of love, and let go of our negative programming, we can know love, joy and peace as we have never known it before. We can have heaven on earth. . . .

“Today, I challenge you to begin anew, and reach for higher levels of loving. I invite you to bring the highest and best qualities of love, Agape love, True Love into all of your relationships.”

Excerpt from What Is Love by Helen Berg ©HelenBergBooks, LLC

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Love, Helen Berg

Live your bliss . . .


I remember being at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA. I saw an interview with Deepak Chopra on the T.V.  The interviewer asked, “If there is one piece of advice you would give me before you leave, what would that be?” And Deepak said, “Be in love; stay in love.”  Because when you are in a state of love, even if it is a state of being in love with yourself, that is bliss.

I live in love, I live my bliss, I live on purpose.  And I want you to do the same.  Reach down inside yourself, and find that “happy place.”

One of my happy places is running in a field of daisies chasing butterflies with a big butterfly net.  I never catch them, but it is fun just running around in the sun and falling down in all those flowers.  Some days I become the butterfly, and float on the airstreams avoiding the net that everyone else wants to put over me.

That is what we need to do.  Avoid the doubt, the judgment of others, and the limitations you created in your mind.  When you awaken your true self your desires change. You start to want what is actually good for you (and this fuels personal evolution). You’re on “the path” that you were always meant to be on.  When your actions have purpose, everything else in your life lines up with that purpose.

Love, Helen Berg,

Happy Allowing and Accepting

Happy cheering couple enjoying sunset at beach with arms raised up in joyful elated happiness. Happiness concept with young joyous couple, Caucasian man and Asian woman.

I recently was with a couple that was so allowing of each other that it made me just smile. If one person wanted to do an activity, they did it! The key word was, “yes, sure!”

Love reflects the art of allowing your partner to be who they are, without trying to change anything, including their opinions. I always like the idea of saying in any dispute:

“You may be right about that.”

“I understand your position.”

“I respect your opinion.”

“Perhaps we need to look into this further to gain greater understanding.”

What you are saying when you say the above is that you respect the person. You may not agree with what they are saying, but you are allowing the person to be who they are (even if you think they may be wrong). You are accepting them.

When you don’t allow for loving acceptance, it is a prescription for resentment. Allow, allow, allow. We are all on our own spiritual path; growth with either come or not, but nothing will happen if you don’t allow it to.

Love, Helen

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St. Valentine and Love


The holiday most associated with February is Valentine’s Day. And so my blog will happily share what I’ve learned this month about the day.

Saint Valentine has long been associated with romantic love and Valentine’s Day. Since the 12th century, the day has become a recognized celebration of romantic love. Not only is St. Valentine a patron saint, but Valentine’s Day is a modern religious holiday.  Before that, people celebrated a mid February pastoral festival for purification and health. Mid February was also connected to the belief that birds began pairing at this time. Whatever the origin, Valentine’s Day is now widely recognized as a day for romance and devotion, and why not? It makes sense to have a day where the collective consciousness of the planet is focus on love, instead of a myriad of other feelings.

To truly celebrate love in all its glories on Valentine’s Day, get quiet and bring the feeling of love into your heart center when you first wake up. Let it bloom into a mediation of the most romantic ideas you can imagine. Perhaps someone has brought you flowers, or made it a special day for you by spending the day with you in love and celebration. Think of thoughts like these. Or think of the person or persons in your life that have made your life meaningful. Dwell on your heart swells and let them expand out until they fill up your whole being. Then let the feeling of love cascade like a waterfall out to your partner and the world.

Give hugs and kisses, and other expressions of your affection. Take a day off from work and walk and hold hands, or cuddle up on the couch. Be present every moment of this one day in love. It will bring renewed joy into your relationship.

If you are still visioning a partner, spiritually wrap your love around everyone you meet. Be extra kind, considerate, caring, compassionate and joyful. On this day when love is celebrated, you may bump into your life partner just around the corner. With your love-beam shining, anything is possible!

You will find that the more you spread love, the more it will naturally come back to you. And don’t forget: you are worthy of all the love in the world. So give yourself a great big hug, too. Spoil yourself with a warm bubble bath or buy yourself some little treat if no one else does. Remember, God’s love is always there, waiting for you to embrace it, and God will embrace you.

I’m sure St. Valentine will be smiling, as will our God in heaven, when you spread love out into the world. For me, I send you warm, cuddly snuggles and heart candies that say, “Joy” “Bliss” “Love” and “Be Mine.” Happy Valentine’s Day.

Love, Helen Berg

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Home is where the heart is . . .


Home is not a place, it’s a feeling. You can return to that feeling everyday by finding some quietude and nestling in to the warmth of your heart space. No matter where you are you can always, always come home to rest in your heart. You will know you are home by the comfort and ease you will feel in this alignment.  Happiness Project.  

Love, Helen Berg,


#30 – I am Worthy

“I deserve all the goodness in life, I am worthy and I claim my inheritance now.”  Don’t let anyone rob you of that which you were born to embody.  You were born for loving bliss.  Move like an amoeba to that which soothes your soul.

#29: I am willing to change.

Change is inevitable.  So often we fight against it.  Most change just happens to us.  But we can embrace change, and even direct it.  “I am willing to change” opens up new possibilities.  We can decide to replace negative thoughts with positive one.  Whenever you catch yourself being negative, just says “I am willing to change this thought to something positive.”

#28 – I am magnificent.

So many times we talk ourselves out of our own magnificence.  Someone will put their foot in one of your scales, and knock you off balance.  That is the time to get quiet.  Gently lift the weight off, and reclaim your space.  Be magnificent.  Be yourself.


#27: I alone can conquer my fears.

When we fear, we hold ourselves back from fulfilling our purpose in life.  Only love is real, fear is only in the mind of the beholder.