We Can Be the Light

Today I meditated. Some people do walking meditations, or sitting meditation, I do bathtub meditations. Water heals me. Also, it seems to soak away all energy that does not serve me. At the end, I imagine water pouring over my head, and as the bath water goes down the drain, I imagine that the sludge in my mind, and anywhere else in my body, goes down the drain too, and I am left clean and pure. It’s letting go of all energy that does not serve me, and it opens up a space for other energy to come in.

What came in for me today is a feeling that I am ensconced in white light, with angels all around me. I saw myself first as a butterfly, then as a white peace dove, then as an angel. I felt my wings, large and strong. Then beams of light connected me to all the angels that were around me. “Remember us?” They said. “Yes,” I said, “I remember.” I sat in their light.

I know that visualization during meditation can sounds surreal, but I never judge what comes to me. What happens when you connect to the divine is that, you connect to your divine wisdom, to the ancient wisdom that is in your cells and DNA. You connect to the wisdom of the beginning of man, to the beginning of time. I believe that we all have been around since the Big Bang–when it blew all of our spirits into existence–and we have been traveling around the universe, without a spaceship, ever since.

Whether real or not, whether an image I just create in my brain, or truth, it calms me. The knowledge that we are all connected to the universe, and to each other, brings me peace and releases from me earthly frustrations in a way that nothing else can. I sit in this peace for as long as I can, until I’m called back to the responsibilities of, and existence in, this earthly realm.

I hope, in these troubling times, that meditation can lead you to the same place; to a peace that transcends and transforms all fears, all suffering; to a peace beyond understanding.

Love, health, peace,

Helen Berg, http://www.helenberg.com

The World is Awakening

We are here for a purpose.

Many are finding out what their true purpose is.  Maybe it’s the heart of a caregiver, a nurse, or a doctor.  Maybe your true purpose is to be a helper.  Some help on the front lines, and some, like me, work from the energy that is present all around us; in the quiet, in the ether.

I started meditating when I was 18. Yoga was a thing back in the 70s, and I stretch and balanced my body in postures that have been around for thousands of years; postures that open up the energy centers of the body. Somehow being young helped.

Maybe it was because I had less dross floating around in my mind. Maybe it was because I had less defenses, and was more open. But it was a delicious experience that I expanded over time:  regression meditations, sitting meditations, walking meditations, meditations lying down, meditation in the lotus position. 

For awhile, things got so busy that meditating became more difficult.  I had to make time to find that quiet place. But I never stopped.  Now, once again, I have the time to focus on the energy.  Right now I am focusing on the earth. When I look at the trees I think:  the earth is so magnificent.  Does the she know there is a pandemic raging?  Maybe she does.  Maybe on a quantum level, this pandemic is healing our dear Mother Earth.

So I sit in God’s light sending out good energy to the earth, the universe and everyone in it.  I pray everyday that all sentient beings be free from suffering.  I pray we find peace in stillness, and that the earth will heal, and that we will heal, and find a new way.  A way, perhaps, that is more conscious of our Earth, and all we and she holds dear.  I pray, and meditate on the thought, that we, and our dear Mother Earth, find our balance.

Love, peace, health and happiness always and forever,

Helen Berg, https://helenberg.com

We Are Never Alone

Most of us are spending a lot more time at home.  Some of us are struggling with this.  For me, I love my home.  I work from home, so it was not such a big a challenge to stay home a bit more.  Of course, I couldn’t visit my family and friends.  I even stayed home on holidays, when I wanted more than ever to be with my family.

Not being with others, not connecting, was tough.  So I got busy and I started calling people.  Some people answered the phone, others did not.  I notice in this information society, that people connect on screen, and on social media, sometimes more easily than they connect by phone.  But that’s okay.  I connected with those that wanted a connection, and the rest of the time, I left cheerful messages.  I also connected with my plants, my flowers, my lovely home by puttering around it, cleaning and caring for it, and I especially, connected with the divine energy of the universe in meditation.

We are never alone.  Even though it feels like it sometimes, especially for those who live independently.  Yet we are all connected to the cosmic consciousness, by universal thought waves, even when we don’t know or understand this connection.  

Every thought we think is sending out a vibration.  What you think about most is the vibration you’re resonating.  Your thoughts resonate with other people and things that have the same vibration.  That is why you often bring into your life that which you think about.  So think about what it is that you want.  Envision it as being already present.  Imagine the taste and feel of your desires.  If it is rain, imagine rain falling on your head, and your feet in the wet grass.  If it is sunshine, imagine the warmth of the sun on your shoulders and your feet in the warm sand.  Manifest your desires in your mind, and pay attention to what comes your way.  You may be surprised.

In the center of our being, where we connect with the universal spirit of all,  is where our thoughts and words meet, fueled by our desires. Vision who you are.  Vision what you want. Vision your best life. Then infuse your thoughts with the strength of your devotion, and and bring love to it – all the love you have.  Your strong emotions, and your belief in your vision, will raise your vibration to the level of your desires.  Then watch for miracles.

Love, peace, health and joy,

Helen Berg

©Helen Berg’’s Blog; www.helen-berg.com

You are Deserving of Love

You are wonderful, you are beautiful, I love you just the way your are.

Recently I listened to a “Love Meditation” by Deepak Chopra, one of my mentors. You may be able to find it on the internet. It’s about putting yourself in a state of love consciousness, and you’re not going to believe how to do it! You do it by saying this to yourself silently in the mirror, to someone who is looking at you with love, or to someone whom you manifest and imagine is looking at you with love:

I am a beautiful person;

I am a wonderful person;

I love myself exactly as I am.

Now it may seem strange that the best way to send out love to the world is to love yourself. But it’s true. Just try it. Imagine your mate or significant other looking at you with loving eyes, and everything about their face and body language says, “I love you.”  And silently in your mind you say:

I am a beautiful person;

I am a wonderful person;

I love myself exactly as I am.

Do you feel it?  Do you feel that feeling of buoyancy that happens when you give love to yourself?  It radiates out from you as love to others.  Isn’t it amazing how the love you are able to receive, is directly related to the amount of love you have for yourself?

That’s worth saying again: the amount of love you are able to give or receive is directly related to the amount of love that you have for yourself.

So, the next time someone says, “I love you,” look into their eyes, and smile, and say silently to yourself:

I am a beautiful person;

I am a wonderful person;

I love myself exactly as I am.

Bask in their love, then say, “Thanks for sharing your love with me. I love you, too.”

Love, health and happiness,

Helen Berg

©Helen Berg’’s Blog; www.helen-berg.com

I See Butterflies

One day I made an intention to see butterflies.  It was an experiment from a book I read by Pam Grout, called “E3.”  The main focus was on the notion that what you focus on expands. For the next 48 hours, I saw butterflies, a lot of them, beyond what I expected.  Butterflies flew up to my window when I was sitting in the car and hovered over the driver’s side window.  Butterflies almost crashed into me when I was riding my bike.  Butterflies, I noticed, were everywhere.  I just needed to focus on them and see them.

So it is with everything. 

What if you thought every morning of the ten things you liked about your life.  What if you spent ten minutes every morning being grateful for the gifts you have in your life.  What if you spent 10 minutes every day telling a person in your life how grateful you are for them.  Do you think your life would change?

Even with great conflicts in our theater movies, do you notice that most of the movies have a pretty good resolution at the end for the heroes and heroines?  Be a hero to yourself.  Focus on your good.  Bet a hero to others.  Focus on their good.  Be a hero to the world.  Focus on the good in people, and what we’ve accomplished for humankind.  Give positive reinforcement.  What you focus on expands.  See butterflies.

Love, peace and happiness,

Helen Berg

©Helen Berg’’s Blog; http://www.helenberg.com

The Journey

From a distance . . .

One day I woke up and knew I had changed dramatically.  But the process took a while.  Sometimes, I didn’t even know that I was making little progresses. But, in the aggregate, change happened and I began to see the effects in my life, little by little, until one day, I started to fly.  I was becoming the person I imagined I could be.

The most important thing is to take one step, and then another.  As you do, the next step appears.  The universe is conspiring to allow for your success. Then you start to flap your wings and jump, and the next thing you know, you’re flying!  It all begins with your desire, which moves to courage and a willingness to move forward.

Start by writing down what you want:  positive feelings, positive actions, positive dreams, and things you are grateful for.  Listen for the guidance.  Each year we are given an opportunity to change.  To begin again.  Start by waking up with positive thoughts, finish the day being grateful for the good things that happened in the day.  Gratitude will put your mind into a place where dreams can come true.  Once in the dream state, you can do anything.  

Write down your dreams.  Write down what you want to dream about.  Meditate on that.  You mind will expand, and so will you, as you move forward in your life.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step…” Lao Tsu

Love, peace and happiness,

Helen Berg, 

©Helen Berg’’s Blog; www.helenberg.com.

We are more than this body

We have an energy body that radiates over 100 watts at rest.  We are like a bright light bulb.  With bursts of energy, as in when we run to the finish line, we can have over 2,000 watt of output.  Think about that.

We are powerful.  Our power comes from the food we eat which is converted into bones, muscles and millions of cells that transfer the energy we create every minutes of every day, to every part of our body.  In addition, our movements produces kinetic energy, which is also converted into power (i.e. how we move the furniture).  We are currently researching ways to use our own energy to power our devices.  Soon, we may be able to power our own cell phones.  In the Netherlands, there is a dance club that harnesses the energy created by the dancers steps.  It powers the LED lights in the floor.  

We are a renewable power plant.  We generate an enormous amount of energy every day within and around our bodies.  So the next time you minimize your value, think about the miracle that you are.  Your body was built with incredible technologies and amazing abilities.  Think about that the next time you limit yourself.

With your mind, you can also increase your energy and power.  By understanding how your physical body works, you can better understand how your energy body works.  

Your chakras, or energy centers, are spinning disks that increase the energy of wellness, safety, power, happiness, love, communication, visualization and self-realization.  When they are open, and functioning properly (just like a well-functioning heart), we feel good and see our true potential.  When they are blocked, we don’t feel well and fail to see our true worth.

So know this, you are more than your body.  You are a magnificent energy-producing beam of light.  When you fully realized your abilities and potential, you will have all the energy and power you need to create your beautiful life.  When we collectively understand and embrace the light of our beings, we will have all power and energy we need to create a beautiful world.

Love, peace and happiness,

Helen Berg

  ©Helen Berg’’s Blog; www.helenberg.com

What Makes Us Human?

I am humble by the sights and sounds of nature.

What is humility?  Humility is sharing the truth of who you are at your soul level.  We all live in our own universe colored by the perceptions we’ve developed over a lifetime.  But there is another universe:  the universe of the soul.  There, we are all equal, strong, vibrant and beautiful.  If you tap into that universe, you can’t help knowing this wonderful truth:  at the base of our soul, we are all light energy expanding infinitely.  So why do we put such a premium on playing small? 

Perhaps we don’t want people to see our confidence and strength for fear that we may seem arrogant or bold.  So we lower our eyes even when, inside each one of us, there is a wellspring of unique wisdom.  If you don’t share your unique wisdom with others in this lifetime, it will be forever lost.  Therefore, it is important to share your truth; you are the only one who can.

Humility is not being weak, but rather, to be without pride, pretense or over-assertiveness; patient, showing deferential respect.  It derives from the Latin word humilis, which mean low, base; from humus, meaning ground, soil, earth.  We are humble when we operate from the base of our souls; when we sink our roots into the soil of all that nourishes us; it’s what makes us human (Latin root meaning “earthing”), and gives us humor (Latin root meaning “liquid, fluid”); it’s what makes us humane:  imbued with kindness, mercy and compassion.  If being “humble” does not raise these feelings of humanness in you, then it is not humility; it is arrogance—staying quiet for the sake of politeness, yet lacking empathy, warmth or forgiveness.  It is arrogant, rather than humble, to pretend to be anything other than what you are because, by doing so, you are trying to fool others, and you are not being authentic to yourself.

Love brings out our humanity, and our humility.  When love becomes alive in us, we can then share it with others.  And that brings out our humility; it gets us back to the root of who we are.  We grow into our humanity and our humility as we grow in love, just like a tree grows roots that spread wide and deep into the soil.  And the more we are nurtured in love, the more we nurture others in lovingkindness.  The more we are nurtured in lovingkindness, the more we can live our truth.  The more with live our truth, the more we can share our true selves with others.  The more we share with others, the more we support branches and leaves that raise the consciousness of the whole world. 

I am humbled by the strength of love.  I patiently let it grow.  I respect its branches.  Love is the flower born from the essence of the seed nourished by its roots (our humility, humanity and humor), and the warmth of True Love that shine in our hearts.


Helen Berg

©Helen Berg’’s Blog; http://helenberg.com

If Light is in Your Heart…

September is the month I was born.  When I was born, I left my true home and came to this earthly world.  It was a frightening place compared to the heavenly realm that I came from, but I am here for a reason.

I came to learn all that I failed to learn in prior lives.  I came to teach that which I have learned from prior existences to others.  I came to curiously explore human potential to see if we, as human, can transcend this earthly existence.  I came to learn how we can create heaven on earth, if only in our minds.

Home is not a place; it’s a feeling. You can return to that feeling everyday by finding a quiet place and nestling into the warmth of your own heart.  It is true that home is where the heart is.  No matter where you are you can always, always come home to rest in your heart where love abounds.  You will know you are home when you can sit quietly, and smile, knowing that your home is all around you no matter where you are.

“If light is in your heart, you will find your way home.”  Rumi  

If love is in your heart, you will find your peace.

Love, light, peace and happiness,

Helen Berg

©Helen Berg’’s Blog; www.helenberg.com


I am Peace; I am Love.

A relationship requires give and take.  This is accomplished by talking and understanding each other’s feelings and dealing, especially, with issues that cause conflict.  How do you do this?  By being brave and having the courage to see the issue clearly, being willing to share your thoughts, and most importantly, to listen.  That way you gain understanding and are able to reach a solution if that is your goal.  Sometimes all we really want is for someone to listen, and help us figure out the issue for ourselves.  

Perhaps your significant other needs help defining the issue, or seeing themselves more clearly.  Perhaps your significant other needs you to see yourself, or your own behavior more clearly.  That isn’t a “problem” that needs to be solved so much as it is a request to explore and express true deep feelings.  Solving a conflict doesn’t always require action, sometimes just listening to our partner’s concern is enough.  Don’t rush to action, take time to understand.  We rush sometimes to defend our own actions, or to reach a solution, when all that is required is to understand how our actions may be making someone else feel.

We all must take responsibility for our own feelings.  One should always avoid saying, “YOU made me feel this way.”  Better to say, “I feel this way.  Here is the action/inaction that precipitated the feeling.  I know I’m responsible for my own feelings, but I’m having trouble getting past this one.”  Expressed as an angry complaint, one would say: “YOU didn’t put the cap back on the toothpaste!”  Expressed with love and compassion for self and your significant other, it might be said in this way:  “When you don’t put the cap back on the toothpaste, I feel like you don’t respect our shared space in the bathroom, and that makes me feel like you don’t respect me.”  Now we’ve gotten down to the real problem.

Almost all “problems” in relationships are feelings of not being loved.  Ask your partner, “how can I better love you?” and “how can you better love me?”  Another good question is, “How can I better love myself?”  Maybe the solution is having your own bathroom space where you can keep it as neat and clean as you like.  Sounds like love to me!  If you can’t have a separate space, then tell your partner that when s/he puts the cap back on the toothpaste, it makes you feel loved, and happy.  The saying goes, “A happy wife is a happy life.”  While that may be true, an updated version might be, “A happy spouse is a happy house.”  Both partners need to find joy in the relationship.  It is never a one-sided deal.

If what you want is a great relationship, communicating, understanding and being willing to look at your own architecture, as well as know your partner’s true self (scars and all), is necessary.  You wouldn’t be together if you didn’t love each other.  Remember that.  Think about the deeper feelings that might be involved.  Maybe your partner wasn’t respected by a parent, or in another relationship.  

Decide if you are magnifying the issue in your own mind.  Improve your own thoughts.  By doing so, you may improve your own mind state to the point that you don’t need to discuss the issue.  But if you do, remember to be honest, friendly and loving.  

Embracing conflict in a positive way, instead of running away from it out of fear of rejection, not only allows us to successfully negotiate relationship hurdles, but is honest and allows the other person to see the real you.  Being vulnerable and real is attractive.  No one wants their partner to fake happiness; that can be felt too.  While discussing issues may be uncomfortable, how much more uncomfortable is it when a relationship ends for lack of good communication?  It’s heart-breaking!

Understand.  Be compassionate with your partner.  Ask for compassion for your own internal struggles.  You’ll be surprised at the result.  You may even thank your partner for giving you a clearer understand of your own emotions.  If you practice listening and understand, you can more quickly getting back to your heart center where love resides.  Then, instead of dwelling on negative thoughts, small conflicts can be resolved quickly and they will stay small, and large ones will be met with compassion, a smile, and a positive mind set because you know any conflict can be resolved with kindness, understanding and love.

Peace, health and happiness, and most of all, Love,

Helen Berg